Welcome to Invisible Dragon. We’re a company here to provide high quality plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce, based in the North East of England.

Every plugin has started from the needs of actual people and businesses, and tuned and developed into workable solutions.

Our Latest Plugins


DeliveryPlus: Addons

Offer additional bolt-ons to your delivery options



Set, or discount prices on certain products for specific customers in an easy to user interface



Simple, clear delivery method for WooCommerce with the ability to extend your delivery options.


JPEG Quality

JPEG Quality allows you to change the output JPEG quality for each size type

Our Latest Posts

Migrating content from websites hosted on the same domain

Recently came a situation where I needed to copy manually a small amount of content when migrating sites, on different servers but both configured to only serve the website in question from the same domain name. It turned out to be a little trickier than expected to access the two sites on one machine. The […]

Thermostats Suck – Yet with a bit of design they could be better

Most of the thermostats on the market seem to be built to the cheapest possible price, without at all considering there’s an end user. The end user wants to be able to control the heating in their house easily. Ideally without reading a 100 page manual. Some would say a full touchscreen display, wifi and […]