Welcome to Invisible Dragon. We’re a company here to provide high quality plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce, based in the North East of England.

Every plugin has started from the needs of actual people and businesses, and tuned and developed into workable solutions.

Our Latest Plugins


DeliveryPlus: Addons

Offer additional bolt-ons to your delivery options



Set, or discount prices on certain products for specific customers in an easy to user interface



Simple, clear delivery method for WooCommerce with the ability to extend your delivery options.


JPEG Quality

JPEG Quality allows you to change the output JPEG quality for each size type

Our Latest Posts

Face Masks and easy WooCommerce

So, a friend of mine wanted to sell some face masks to a general audience but without using one of the big marketplaces who tend to take a large cut (and charge insane levels of delivery for small items, upwards of £10 for a face mask in some cases). I decided to make a simple […]

nginx: Protected proxied application

Nginx is fantastic for managing things such as personal servers, and proxying various bits and pieces to different places. One of the tasks I’ve wanted to do was to password protect a specific directory with a password, and not to use the crummy old username and password popup. This also allows you to potentially do […]