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WooCommerce Internals: How to filter just about anything

WooCommerce is an advanced shopping cart system, most of which doesn’t show itself from the outside, with a lot of internals. At the time of writing, WooCommerce reconmends using it’s objects (WC_Product, WC_Cart) taking it into an object-orientated platform as opposed to how much of WordPress operates in a functional style (although this is changing […]

Gravity Forms 2.5: Breaking out of the WordPress Design

Recently a big update one of the best form plugins, Gravity Forms 2.5 was finally released to the world. The update brings with it a lot of new and long awaited functionality such as built-in columns and accessibility updates. It also brings with it a redesigned form builder, similar to Gutenberg which while controversial aligns […]

Plesk Admin: How to Install WP CLI globally on a Plesk server

Plesk, the globally recognised control panel, popular with many people who host a bunch of different WordPress websites out of the box doesn’t provide WP CLI to use if you login as root, or another user into the server. This means when users expect WP CLI to “just work” they may end up needing to […]

Migrating content from websites hosted on the same domain

Recently came a situation where I needed to copy manually a small amount of content when migrating sites, on different servers but both configured to only serve the website in question from the same domain name. It turned out to be a little trickier than expected to access the two sites on one machine. The […]

Thermostats Suck – Yet with a bit of design they could be better

Most of the thermostats on the market seem to be built to the cheapest possible price, without at all considering there’s an end user. The end user wants to be able to control the heating in their house easily. Ideally without reading a 100 page manual. Some would say a full touchscreen display, wifi and […]

PeriPage Printer tool for Royal Mail label PDFs

Printers absolutely suck, which is why I switched to a small consumer thermal printer called the PeriPage. Yes thermal printing has some issues, but it is more affordable than ever, you never have to buy ink and China is bringing out some which are pretty cute. However, like many people in the UK, I sometimes […]

Should GOV.UK get a Form Builder?

GOV.UK has a lot of services for capturing information, especially recently to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Is it time for GOV.UK Forms?

Face Masks and easy WooCommerce

So, a friend of mine wanted to sell some face masks to a general audience but without using one of the big marketplaces who tend to take a large cut (and charge insane levels of delivery for small items, upwards of £10 for a face mask in some cases). I decided to make a simple […]

Photo by Jordan Harrison
nginx: Protected proxied application

Nginx is fantastic for managing things such as personal servers, and proxying various bits and pieces to different places. One of the tasks I’ve wanted to do was to password protect a specific directory with a password, and not to use the crummy old username and password popup. This also allows you to potentially do […]

GravityForms: Custom Fields

This should be a quick and rough guide to implementing custom fields in GravityForms. This documents a lot of the stuff we found out while building the first version of Cloud File Uploader (a neat plugin to allow you to upload files directly to cloud providers on your forms). GravityForms documentation on this subject is […]

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