Face Masks and easy WooCommerce

So, a friend of mine wanted to sell some face masks to a general audience but without using one of the big marketplaces who tend to take a large cut (and charge insane levels of delivery for small items, upwards of £10 for a face mask in some cases). I decided to make a simple […]

nginx: Protected proxied application

Nginx is fantastic for managing things such as personal servers, and proxying various bits and pieces to different places. One of the tasks I’ve wanted to do was to password protect a specific directory with a password, and not to use the crummy old username and password popup. This also allows you to potentially do […]

GravityForms: Custom Fields

This should be a quick and rough guide to implementing custom fields in GravityForms. This documents a lot of the stuff we found out while building the first version of Cloud File Uploader (a neat plugin to allow you to upload files directly to cloud providers on your forms). GravityForms documentation on this subject is […]

WooCommerce: How to swap billing and shipping details around

For some reason in my short experience with Woocommerce, it seems to be massively extensible, yet some things Woocommerce really wants to fight against you in order to acomplish something that a client, and yourself think sound fairly basic. One such example is using the stock Woocommerce checkout and wantingto swap the order of the […]