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Dare Motorsport

Recently Invisible Dragon worked with Dare Motorsport with technical WooCommerce assistance with regards to outputting the correctly sorted dimensions for various car parts sold by the company. We were able to be available and supportive with the code provided, and commented every line to ensure the final tweaking could be achieved by Dare Motorsports.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 19-27-06 Dare DRRS – Silver Polished _ Chrome Rivets – Dare Motorsport 2022’s best alloy wheel brand!

The dimensions were calculated using two different attributes on the pre-existing products, and calculated together to produce a sortable value.

We are available for hire through People Per Hour for WooCommerce assistance, along with full WooCommerce e-commerce website development for a range of different industries.

Post published 19 Jul 2022



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