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Staffordshire Food and Furniture Bank

SFAFB approached Invisible Dragon for some amends and updates to their existing website built using the Salient off-the-shelf WordPress theme and WPBakery page builder. Invisible Dragon were able to accomodate their requirements in order to add additional functionality and update the look and feel on the website.

Screenshot 2022-05-15 at 20-46-53 Staffordshire Food and Furniture Bank

The homepage, in addition to the other pages have been updated in order to show a hierachy and easier to read introduction to the organisation and introduce the logo. This also included updating the footer into the correct place within the theme, but also lining all of the elements up and ensuring it is neat and tidy.

Functionality-wise Invisible Dragon updated the donation and tradespeople directory pages to include a donation via Stripe. This update, using our well trusted form system, allows the client further flexibility as time continues. Additional functionality was achieved through adding a forum to the website and customising the look and feel to increase readabiltiy.

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Post published 05 Jun 2022



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