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Punk Rock Posters

Punk Rock Posters is an e-commerce website for selling punk rock, indie and post punk posters along with other memorabilia such as old concert tickets based in Glasgow, Scotland. PRP approached Invisible Dragon looking for a site refresh along with web hosting and domain management.

We have introduced a punk feel to the design of the website, along with keeping all of the important information on the website introducing various call to actions for the important areas of the website including a site-wide call to action for selling items to PRP as this is an area PRP want to drive more attention towards.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 21-14-06 Welcome to the home of Punk Rock Posters – punk rock posters

With the introduction of new imagery on the homepage it gives the website a refreshed look and feel, with bespoke elements including paper tears, concert ticket look and a bold punk feel. Also introduced is some minor changes to stock WooCommerce to allow for easier mobile navigation along with allowing customers to add items to their basket, and then return back to their position in the product catalog which was an issue highlighted by customers.

Looking for a website refresh for your e-commerce site? Please get in touch for more information.

Post published 08 Apr 2022



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