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Overground Records

Overground Records is a punk rock record label based in Byker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Overground was looking for a site refresh to simplify the overall management and maintianance of the website.


The previous website, while being visually attractive was proving difficult for the Overground management to update. One issue was for new releases to be published onto the homepage, there was a requirement to find specific ID numbers and then input these into a very specific box inside a mix of various code. This stemmed from using a popular page builder, which while allows for easy creation of websites, did not provide an easy maintanace interface.

The new website improves contrast and readability in many parts of the website, simplifies management and updates various parts automatically so that content is much simpler to update while also retaining functionality such as each artist having their own page with a bio, social media links and a linked list of content.

Each product added to the Overground website only needs to be linked to an Artist from one input box. Once selected, the artist information, along with a thumbnail, is automatically pulled into the product information page along with the product being listed on the individual artist page.

Post published 24 Feb 2022



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