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Fitness 2000

Fitness 2000 is a small local friendly MMA gym in Roker, Sunderland who were in need of a new website. Fitness 2000 previously had a single page of information which briefly introduced the gym, and provided a fairly out of date class timetable.

Working with the gym we were able to introduce a layout with a lot more imagery, all of which is of the gym itself rather than use any stock photos on the new website. This allows any potential members who would like to see what the gym is like without needing to travel and visit the place can see the place beforehand.


The new design introduces a secondary colour to the colour scheme allowing for a more visually appealing look and feel. Additional pages have been included which go into more detail about the various facilities available, membership and other community efforts ran by the gym.

Post published 22 Feb 2022



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